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Type 2 Diabetes - CSIS supports local pioneering programme

June 2018

The Blackthorn Trust has applied it's unique approach to put together a new programme, educating and supporting people to self-manage type 2 diabetes by making effective life-style changes.

With financial help from CSIS, the Blackthorn Trust have funded one of their Chef mentors for a day a week for a whole year. As part of the 12 week programme the Trust has put together, Chef Andrew has undertaken Diabetes training and supported the Trust's Diabetes educator to develop a 6 week cookery school. Andrew focuses on teaching low carb recipes, using fresh ingredients from the garden and instilling enjoyment in what is going to be, for most individuals, a radical change in their diet.

The whole Dwell project is evaluated by Canterbury Christchurch University and will continue until 2020, with hopes to help many people take control of their type 2 diabetes management.

For more details of the DWell 12 week programme please visit the Blackthorn Trust's website : and follow the links to the DWell Programme.