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Home Insurance

Feel secure with our home insurance

    Yes, we can arrange instant cover over the telephone. Simply call 01622 766960.

    We can cover a whole range of properties, including stone built properties. Please call us to discuss your needs to see if we are able to provide cover for you.

    Our policies can be upgraded to cover accidental damage to Buildings and Contents for an additional premium.

    Sudden and unexpected loss of or physical damage to personal possessions that are owned by you or your family anywhere in the world. Items over £2,500 need to be specified. This includes:-

    Up to £2,500 for any item of clothing, sports equipment or any other personal item made to be worn, used or carried about the person including passports, driving licences and proof-of-age cards;
    Up to £500 for any one unspecified pedal cycle including accessories;
    Up to £500 for loss of money or the unauthorised use of a charge, credit or debit card. You and your family must keep to your card issuer’s conditions.

    Up to £5,000 for the cost of removing and then repairing, replacing or reinstating any part of the buildings when this is necessary to find the source of a water leak from any fixed water appliance,pipe or tank that is causing damage to the buildings.

    The cost of repair, parts, labour and call out charges following :

    1. Damage to, or failure of, the plumbing or drainage system at your home.
    2. Damage to the roof which puts your home or contents at risk of water damage.
    3. Damage to the external windows or doors which put the security of your home at risk.
    4. Complete failure of the electricity supply within your home.

    The most we will pay for any one event is £250 including VAT.

    Cover for reasonable cost of replacing locks and keys to your home if you house keys are lost or stolen anywhere in the world.